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Motivational-Speaker Never underestimate the influence of words. People can perceive a person who speaks truthfully and eagerly. In a world of virtual reality and social media where everything can be enhanced, we often wonder if the individual we are conversing with is genuine. A heartfelt talk not only moves people but inspires them, a connection that only a speaker and an audience can understand. This brought forth the discovery of the power of a motivational speaker.


What are Motivational Speakers?

A person who speaks in front of a crowd, utilizing his experience and expertise, with intent to encourage and uplift the people’s morale is known as a motivational speaker.

Before it became a widely known profession, inspirational speakers have been present since the ancient times in the form of leaders, soothsayers, wise old people, village champions or successful individuals. Encouraging words have lead people into winning battles, scientific breakthroughs, mind blowing discoveries or accomplishing challenging feats.

At some point in our lives, most of us have convinced another person into doing something they normally wouldn’t do which produced good results. However, convincing capabilities are not the only qualification in becoming a good public speaker and we are here to help you figure things out.


Qualities of an Inspirational Speaker

Not everyone is fit to become a motivational speaker. Mere public speaking abilities don’t ensure that you’ll be a good key person so we have listed the top characteristics that motivational speakers must possess:

•    Enthusiasm

A public speaker must be passionate about his engagements. He must have a genuine yearning for delivering information and discussing the subject. Presenters should have a forte and cannot simply sport a “shotgun” method of delivery or merely orating general ideas.

•    Knowledgeable and experienced

Keynote speakers won’t be able to speak extensively about a subject without substantial information and familiarity. All good speakers can relate to what is discussed because we have already encountered it. People who speak only from theory sound artificial and are unbelievable. Our very own speaker at motivational-speaker-success.com has years of experience under his belt.

•    Articulate and assertive

Speakers need to project an aura of certainty or else we won’t be able to convince our audience. Our goal is to pierce the existing mentality of our audience, thus, we need to sound pleasant and appear self-assured.

•    Empathetic

A good speaker puts himself in the shoes of his listeners, allowing him to see things from their point of view and in turn, give a more suitable advice in comparison to giving generic solutions.

•    Sensitive and Unselfish

A considerate person will always put the importance of others before him. Similarly, selfless speaker would want his listeners to succeed, thus, will overextend themselves just to fulfill these achievements.

•    Flexible

A good motivational speaker modifies his style depending on the crowd so that he’ll be able to communicate with them through their own language and level of understanding.

•    Vibrant

Our primary instinct upon setting foot on stage is to hold the attention of the crowd. To do so, we must be lively enough to catch their eye and loud enough not to be called boring. Active listeners are intelligent; they can determine a true humorous person from a poser. If you click on motivational-speaker-success.com, you can see how our clients love our motivational speakers once they deliver their talks.

•    Impartial

Motivational-SpeakerAlthough our speakers often get invited to affairs of social importance, we see to it that they are unbiased in delivering their speeches. It is essential that our reputation as motivators is not clouded with doubt.

•    Frank

Successful speakers can deliver messages straight to the point. It shows that the key person is serious in delivering positive results to the audience. We, at motivational-speaker-success.com, convey a no nonsense lecture that many major companies can attest.

•    Fearlessness

Speakers must look powerful and authoritative because we drive people to change their mindset, habits and lifestyle. People need to treat us as experts and obtain that treatment we should be willing to mention socially taboo topics as they aren’t generally offensive.

•    Honesty

Our integrity as speakers is essential because a lot of people are skeptical. Even presenters with bad history still need to maintain a good record to be considered. It would be impossible for us to get respect if we don’t appear respectable.

Inspirational speaking has now become an essential tool in bringing change. However, we must also remember that power speakers are just regular people who decided to improve themselves as well. We speakers love empowering and improving individuals, but that is all we can do, the rest is up to you.


Check us out at motivational-speaker-success.com so you can experience the power of a motivational speaker.


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The Callaway Golf Foundation’s Culture of Pay It Forward

Callaway GolfCallaway golf Company’s pursuit of excellence can only be paralleled by their quest to create healthy communities for their stakeholders. Founded by the late Ely Callaway, the Callaway golf Foundation focuses on support programs that improve lives and communities. It also allows its employees to be more involved and gives them the chance to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Callaway golf Foundation’s excellent track record is a proof to the many activity that it spearheads, which is aligned to their mission of helping the less fortunate. With these activities, the company is able to use golf as a means of touching lives.


Pro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center

Pro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center, or the PKGA, was founded in 1984. Its mission is to use golf to challenge inner-city youth to excel in life through various programs that promote education, teach life skills and values and develop their characters. With the North County Learning Center in Oceanside, California, Pro Kids aims to provide golf and life skills instruction to children aging from 7 to 17.


The Southern California Golf Foundation

The Callaway Foundation proudly supports the Southern California Golf Association Youth on Course program. By making golf accessible and affordable to the youth, the foundation aims to shift the youth’s focus from drugs and other vices to golf.
Challenged Athletes, Inc.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation or CAF sees the greatness of athletes with physical challenges and supports their aspirations by giving grants for their training, equipment and other needs. For the foundation, disabilities are only challenges and with a little help, these athletes can overcome them and reach their dreams.


Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative

The Callaway Foundation is a proud supporter of the Entertainment Industry’s Foundation on Women’s Cancer Programs. Through its donation totaling to $2 million, the Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative or CGFWCI showed its commitment in finding a breakthrough for ovarian cancer treatment and early detection.


Employee Matching Gift Program

The Employee Matching Gift Program empowers employees to give back to the community. By matching individual gifts given by employees with a qualified nonprofit organization, the Callaway Foundation makes sure that these gifts reach the person that will best benefit from it.


Dollars for Doers Program

In line with its aim to empower their employees to help others, the Callaway Foundation created the Dollars for Doers program, which recognizes employees who volunteer for their community. By giving 25 hours of their own time to qualified nonprofit organizations, employees, through the Callaway Foundation and the Dollars for Doers Program, can give cash grants and donations to these organizations.


Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program seeks to help excellent students who need financial assistance through higher education. True to its goals of providing the youth with the help they need to succeed in life, the foundation selects its recipients who show the most promise. Applications can be done online, and are only available for students who meet the criteria set by the foundation, one of which is that the student should be the child of an employee working in the company.

Callaway -GolfEly Callaway’s success is not only attributed to his keen eye for business opportunities, but also for his penchant for choosing the best employees to work for him. He nurtures this relationship by rewarding employees and what better way to reward employees than by helping their children while allowing them to help others in return. By creating this concept of paying it forward, the company fulfills its social responsibilities while promoting a good working environment at the same time.

Ely Callaway’s tombstone reads, “He considers himself lucky in all aspects of life”, and through the company, he wishes to make other people feel as lucky as he is in all aspects of their lives. His legacy not only transcends in the quality of clubs and balls that his company makes, but more so in the lives that his company has touched and will touch in the future.

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Top E-book Managers in the Market Today

Reading is becoming more and more convenient nowadays. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours in looking for a particular book. Now, you can find the book that you really like with just a few clicks. Many people believe that with the rise of high technology gadgets, book reading is going to be extinct like the dinosaurs did many years ago. But, as it turns out, they are wrong. With the growing popularity of digital readers and e-book managers, book reading is now moving to the next level of sophistication. These digital readers and organizers allow book lovers to access and read their favorite e-books anywhere.

E-book Managers

A good e-book manager helps you save time and money. It also provides easy access to your book collection. So, if you are a certified book lover, you should get an e-book manager.

Here’s our list of the best e-book managers today:

  1. Alfa Book Manager

This is probably the most amazing and powerful e-book organizer. This is one of our favorites, too. The Alfa Book Manager is a great tool that booklovers, collectors, business libraries, and schools can use.

This e-book manager allows you to sort and organize print books and e-books in one single library. It allows you to quickly scan your computer for book files. It also allows you to parse meta-data and add tags, covers, and custom fields. You can update your book data from the web and even read books in 3D!

  • All My Books

All My Books is an amazing e-book manager that allows you to show off your book collections to your friends and colleagues. It loads all the book information from different web sources in just a matter of seconds. If you want to get the full info about a specific book, all you need to do is type the book title, ISBN, or the author’s name.

  • Readerware

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to catalog your e-boos. Readerware is a perfect app for book lovers and collectors. It has an auto catalog feature. All you need to do is enter a list of barcode scans, UPCs, or ISBNs and then Readerware does the rest. It can combine and merge data from various websites to build a sophisticated database.

  • LibraryThing

This is an e-book cataloging site that is used for sharing and storing book catalogs and it is used by individuals, authors, libraries, and publishers. This amazing site was developed by Tim Spalding in 2005 and it now has over two million users and over one hundred million book catalogs.

  • Calibre

This is a free, open-source e-book manager that runs on different platforms. It allows users to manage their e-books. It also allows them to read and even create e-books. This fantastic e-book manager supports different formats such as Nook EPUB and Kindle MOBI. This is definitely one of our favorite and highly recommended e-book managers.

  • Shelfari

Shelfari is owned by Amazon. It is a website that provides free social cataloging services. It was founded by Josh Hug, Kewin Beukelman, Mark Williamson, Dave Hanley, and Ian Patterson on October 2006. This website allows its users to build virtual bookshelves for their e-book collection.

  • Lucidor

Lucidor is a simple and user-friendly tool that you can use to organize, read, and manage your e-books. It supports OP DS and ePub catalog files. It also allows you to search for a book on the internet and then download these books right into the Lucidor database. This wonderful e-book manager has a tabbed interface that is easy to navigate so it works a lot like a web browser.

  • Book Catalogue

This is an open source book cataloging application. It allows users to add books manually into the system by entering the barcode or ISBN. It also allows the users to sort by title, series, and author.

  • eXtreme Book Manager

This is one of the most advanced e-book managers. It is so powerful that it can import all the e-book data from different websites.

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Importance of eBook Reviews and How You Can Get Them

We understand that as an eBook writer, you want your work to be known by as many people as possible. You may already be a published eBook author or you are just considering getting your masterpiece to be published. Your goal might either be to sell thousands of copies or maybe you just want your words to get through and impact the right kinds of people who would appreciate them.

From our vantage point though, the first step that you could do is to get eBook reviews.

So, What are eBook reviews?

E-Book reviews are actually a great technique to get publicity and promote your eBook. Reviews are an important part of the marketing aspect of publication. In this article, we will let you know about the importance of eBook reviews, where to start, and how you can get them.

Why are eBook reviews important?

Of course, you want your eBook to be considered important and credible by the general public, mostly because of exposure. This is actually why eBook reviews are important. You want information about your eBook to spread. On your own, you could increase your eBook exposure through online reviews, word-of-mouth, and prominent people that you know personally. However, if you want eBook reviews from media entities, but do not have personal contacts, you may need help from a publicist. This person can boost both the quality and quantity of the coverage and publicity of your eBook.

Informal eBook Reviews

If your eBook is available through Amazon, some reviews can be informal write-ups by Amazon enthusiasts who have read your eBook and post their feedback about your book on Amazon.

Another way of getting informal eBook reviews is by reaching out to family and close friends before your eBook gets edited. Tell them it is a raw copy and that you will give them free copy when your eBook is published. You could post these reviews on your blog, and social media like Twitter and Facebook; or ask your reviewers to post them on Google Books, Good reads, Amazon, Shellfire, Google+, or BN.com.

Formal Reviews

After publishing your eBook, be in touch with professional acquaintances and ask for reviews. Publish these reviews in places where you would also publish reviews by family and friends. Furthermore, you could use these reviews for commendations of flyers, press releases, and other marketing materials. When you request for reviews, give them a reasonable timeline by which to finish it.

You can also approach bloggers to ask for reviews. Check their contact information and review policies because some of them do not review eBooks. Bloggers would publish eBook reviews on their blogs, but they may also post on Good reads and Amazon. To maintain credibility, avoid commenting on the review. Express your gratitude right away when they agree to review your eBook through your original method of communication.

You may also get more formal eBook reviews that are written by editors and other media experts and publish them in print (newspapers or magazines) or online. You can create a huge amount of publicity for your eBook by yourself, but you still have limitations. Some eBook reviewing entities like newspapers, large blogs, large magazines, famous people, and online book review websites that you do not know on a personal level do not publish their contact information publicly. They normally do not work with authors directly. In this case, you need access to the contacts of your publisher.

However, in other cases wherein a publisher also could not get in touch with these reviewing outlets, you will need further help from a publicist. The publicist will directly communicate with media reviewing outlets and request to review your eBook.

E-Book reviews are a crucial aspect in any publishing process. They can really increase the publicity of your eBook and could encourage more people to purchase a copy and discover for themselves what the hype is all about.

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