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Importance of eBook Reviews and How You Can Get Them

We understand that as an eBook writer, you want your work to be known by as many people as possible. You may already be a published eBook author or you are just considering getting your masterpiece to be published. Your goal might either be to sell thousands of copies or maybe you just want your words to get through and impact the right kinds of people who would appreciate them.

From our vantage point though, the first step that you could do is to get eBook reviews.

So, What are eBook reviews?

E-Book reviews are actually a great technique to get publicity and promote your eBook. Reviews are an important part of the marketing aspect of publication. In this article, we will let you know about the importance of eBook reviews, where to start, and how you can get them.

Why are eBook reviews important?

Of course, you want your eBook to be considered important and credible by the general public, mostly because of exposure. This is actually why eBook reviews are important. You want information about your eBook to spread. On your own, you could increase your eBook exposure through online reviews, word-of-mouth, and prominent people that you know personally. However, if you want eBook reviews from media entities, but do not have personal contacts, you may need help from a publicist. This person can boost both the quality and quantity of the coverage and publicity of your eBook.

Informal eBook Reviews

If your eBook is available through Amazon, some reviews can be informal write-ups by Amazon enthusiasts who have read your eBook and post their feedback about your book on Amazon.

Another way of getting informal eBook reviews is by reaching out to family and close friends before your eBook gets edited. Tell them it is a raw copy and that you will give them free copy when your eBook is published. You could post these reviews on your blog, and social media like Twitter and Facebook; or ask your reviewers to post them on Google Books, Good reads, Amazon, Shellfire, Google+, or

Formal Reviews

After publishing your eBook, be in touch with professional acquaintances and ask for reviews. Publish these reviews in places where you would also publish reviews by family and friends. Furthermore, you could use these reviews for commendations of flyers, press releases, and other marketing materials. When you request for reviews, give them a reasonable timeline by which to finish it.

You can also approach bloggers to ask for reviews. Check their contact information and review policies because some of them do not review eBooks. Bloggers would publish eBook reviews on their blogs, but they may also post on Good reads and Amazon. To maintain credibility, avoid commenting on the review. Express your gratitude right away when they agree to review your eBook through your original method of communication.

You may also get more formal eBook reviews that are written by editors and other media experts and publish them in print (newspapers or magazines) or online. You can create a huge amount of publicity for your eBook by yourself, but you still have limitations. Some eBook reviewing entities like newspapers, large blogs, large magazines, famous people, and online book review websites that you do not know on a personal level do not publish their contact information publicly. They normally do not work with authors directly. In this case, you need access to the contacts of your publisher.

However, in other cases wherein a publisher also could not get in touch with these reviewing outlets, you will need further help from a publicist. The publicist will directly communicate with media reviewing outlets and request to review your eBook.

E-Book reviews are a crucial aspect in any publishing process. They can really increase the publicity of your eBook and could encourage more people to purchase a copy and discover for themselves what the hype is all about.

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