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Top E-book Managers in the Market Today

Reading is becoming more and more convenient nowadays. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours in looking for a particular book. Now, you can find the book that you really like with just a few clicks. Many people believe that with the rise of high technology gadgets, book reading is going to be extinct like the dinosaurs did many years ago. But, as it turns out, they are wrong. With the growing popularity of digital readers and e-book managers, book reading is now moving to the next level of sophistication. These digital readers and organizers allow book lovers to access and read their favorite e-books anywhere.

E-book Managers

A good e-book manager helps you save time and money. It also provides easy access to your book collection. So, if you are a certified book lover, you should get an e-book manager.

Here’s our list of the best e-book managers today:

  1. Alfa Book Manager

This is probably the most amazing and powerful e-book organizer. This is one of our favorites, too. The Alfa Book Manager is a great tool that booklovers, collectors, business libraries, and schools can use.

This e-book manager allows you to sort and organize print books and e-books in one single library. It allows you to quickly scan your computer for book files. It also allows you to parse meta-data and add tags, covers, and custom fields. You can update your book data from the web and even read books in 3D!

  • All My Books

All My Books is an amazing e-book manager that allows you to show off your book collections to your friends and colleagues. It loads all the book information from different web sources in just a matter of seconds. If you want to get the full info about a specific book, all you need to do is type the book title, ISBN, or the author’s name.

  • Readerware

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to catalog your e-boos. Readerware is a perfect app for book lovers and collectors. It has an auto catalog feature. All you need to do is enter a list of barcode scans, UPCs, or ISBNs and then Readerware does the rest. It can combine and merge data from various websites to build a sophisticated database.

  • LibraryThing

This is an e-book cataloging site that is used for sharing and storing book catalogs and it is used by individuals, authors, libraries, and publishers. This amazing site was developed by Tim Spalding in 2005 and it now has over two million users and over one hundred million book catalogs.

  • Calibre

This is a free, open-source e-book manager that runs on different platforms. It allows users to manage their e-books. It also allows them to read and even create e-books. This fantastic e-book manager supports different formats such as Nook EPUB and Kindle MOBI. This is definitely one of our favorite and highly recommended e-book managers.

  • Shelfari

Shelfari is owned by Amazon. It is a website that provides free social cataloging services. It was founded by Josh Hug, Kewin Beukelman, Mark Williamson, Dave Hanley, and Ian Patterson on October 2006. This website allows its users to build virtual bookshelves for their e-book collection.

  • Lucidor

Lucidor is a simple and user-friendly tool that you can use to organize, read, and manage your e-books. It supports OP DS and ePub catalog files. It also allows you to search for a book on the internet and then download these books right into the Lucidor database. This wonderful e-book manager has a tabbed interface that is easy to navigate so it works a lot like a web browser.

  • Book Catalogue

This is an open source book cataloging application. It allows users to add books manually into the system by entering the barcode or ISBN. It also allows the users to sort by title, series, and author.

  • eXtreme Book Manager

This is one of the most advanced e-book managers. It is so powerful that it can import all the e-book data from different websites.

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